Volunteers Needed for Census Count on Homelessness

Connecticut Conference of Municipalities'(CCM) Task Force to Prevent Homelessness and The Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness are looking for volunteers to participate in this year’s Point-in-Time Count and the Youth Count and Outreach Project.

The annual Point-in-Time Count (PIT) takes place the night of January 21st in most cities and towns, but some municipalities do it early in the morning on January 22nd. It is the annual census of those experiencing homelessness. The PIT takes place throughout the country, intentionally on one of the coldest nights of the year. HUD uses PIT data to inform policy and funding decisions, which makes the quality of the data especially important.

The Youth Count was established in 2015 to capture data on homeless and housing-unstable youth that was not being accurately captured by the PIT. Instead of canvasing youth during the PIT, volunteers canvas during 2-3 hour intervals taking place during the days of January 22-28. Volunteers participate in a short web training in advance and then hit the streets in teams, scouting locations where homeless youth are known to congregate.

Volunteers convene at a location not too far from where they live or work for a short training and hit the ground in teams of 3-5, each led by a seasoned worker from Connecticut’s homeless crisis response system. Volunteer teams are each assigned a census block to canvas together, entering data in the PIT app. Volunteers will attend a brief training before hitting the streets in teams to identify how many people are living in emergency shelters or in places not meant for habitation. To learn more, visit www.cceh.org/volunteer or contact Madeline Ravich, Development Advisor for CCEH at (773)-339-3600. 

In October of 2019 CCM established our Homelessness Prevention Task Force. CCM’s Homelessness Prevention Task Force is a coordinated effort between municipal leaders, the Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness and Sustainable CT.

The collective mission of the task force is to prevent homelessness in Connecticut by providing municipalities with a menu of coordinated, voluntary actions, to continually become better equipped to address homelessness; to provide best practices; to provide communities with the tools to prevent homelessness; and to certify and recognize municipalities for their ongoing achievements and efforts to address homelessness.

The task force relies on the unique experience of local municipal officials and the subject matter expertise of advocates to address homelessness at the local level through leadership, advocacy, and building the capacity of members to respond to the challenges of providing assistance to the homeless.

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