Town of Guilford 2022 Revaluation Set to Begin:

The Town of Guilford is about to commence the state-mandated revaluation project for the October 1, 2022, Grand List (taxes due July 2023) with the assistance of Municipal Valuation Services, LLC (Munival) of Fairfield, CT (the revaluation company hired to assist the Town with the revaluation). This process will take place from October 1st, 2021 thru October 1st, 2022.

At this time in the process, Municipal Valuation Services will have people throughout the Town of Guilford taking exterior photos of each property. All property owners will be receiving a Data (verification) Mailer asking questions about their dwelling sometime in November. Further instructions will be enclosed in that Data Mailer.

Munival follows all CDC guidelines as well as any State or Local policies in place regarding COVID-19.  All employees will be wearing face masks when speaking with taxpayers and will practice proper social distancing protocols.

All Munival employees will have a Town badge and a company badge. They will also have magnets on their vehicles and the company logo on their attire. All vehicles are registered with the local authorities and the Assessor’s Office.

Thank you and we appreciate your cooperation during this time.

Please call Municipal Valuation Services at 203-292-5500 for any additional information or questions.

Thank You!

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