Planning and Zoning Regulations:

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Accessory Apartments
Aquifer Protection Regulations
Church Street Village District Map
Coastal Area Management (CAM) Regulations
Low Impact Development Checklist
Low Impact Development Guidelines
Sign Regulations
Design Review Committee Checklist


Zoning Code (Download Full Regulations) Sudvision Code (Download Full Regulations)
Index Table of Contents
Zoning Code Chapter 273 Table of Contents Article I General Provisions (272-1 thru 272-10)
Article I General Provisions (273-1 thru 273-3) Article II Application Requirements and Procedures (272-11 thru 272-21)
Article II Districts and Article III Noncomformities (273-4 thru 273-15) Article III Maps and Plans (272-22 thru 272-28)
Article IV Uses (273-16 thru273-21)

Article IV Design and Construction Standards (272-29 thru 272-50)

Article V Area Location (273-24 thru 273-49) Article V Administration and Article VI Severability; When Effective; Repealer (272-51 thru 272-53)
Article VI Parking and Article VII Signs (273-50 thru 273-65) Table 6 Information on Maps
Article VIII Earth Removal (273-66 thru 273-72)  
Article IX Site Plan (273-73 thru 273-78)  
Article X Special Permit Requirements (273-79 thru 273-81)  
Article XI PRD (273-82 thru 283-85)  
Article XII Regulations for specific uses and districts (273-86 thru 273-95)  
Article XIII Administration (273-96 thru 273-101)  
Article XIV Enforcement and and Article XV Amendments; Severability; When Effective; Repealer (273-102 thru 273-111)  
Article XVI Post Road Village Zone District (273-112 thru 273-118)  
Article XVII Transition and Service Zone District (273-119 thru 273-125)  
Article XVIII Shopping Center Zone District (273-126 thru 273-132)  
Article XIX Design Review and Article XX Historic District (273-133 thru 273-180)  
Article XXI Mixed Use/Conservation Zone District 1 (MU/C1) and Article XXII Mixed Use/Conservation 2 Zone District (MU/C2)(273-181 thru 273-191)  
Article XXIII Transition and Service District 2 (273-192 thru 273-197)  
Article XXIV Post Road Village 2 Zone District (273-198 thru 273-202)  
Article XXV Service Center West District (273-203 thru 273-207)  
Article XXVI C-4 West (273-208 thru 273-212)  
Article XXVII Open Space Subdivisions (273-213 thru 273-219)  
Article XXVIII Mixed Use/Open Space Zone District (273-220 thru 273-226)  
Article XXIX Church Street Village District (273-227 thru 273-239)  
Article XXX Agriculture (273-40 thru 273-247)  
Article XXXI Town Center South Overlay Zone District (273-248 thru 273-252)  
Table 3 Setbacks for Residential Properties  
Table 3B Area Location and Bulk Standards in Commercial and Industrial Zones  
Table 3C Signs  
Table 4 Permitted Uses in Residential Zones  
Table 5 Permitted Uses in Non-Residential Districts  











































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