Organizations and Non-Profits:

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Guilford Community Television (GCTV)

P.O. Box 275

(203) 453-8453

Safe Rides

(203) 453-8070

Democratic Town Committee

P.O. Box 1420

Thomas Griswold House Museum

171 Boston Street

(203) 453-3176

Republican Town Committee

(203) 453-5311

Medad Stone Tavern

197 Three Mile Course

(203) 453-2263

Dorothy Whitfield Historic Society, Inc.

The Hyland House

84 Boston Street

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)

Edward A. Norton Post 7666

P. O. Box 173

(203) 453-9252

Faulkner’s Light Brigade

P.O. Box 199

(203) 453-8400

Guilford Chamber of Commerce

51 Whitfield Street

(203) 453-9677

Guilford Food Bank

45 Stone House Lane

(203) 453-816

The Guilford Foundation

P.O. Box 35

Guilford Keeping Society

171 Boston Street

P.O. Box 363

Guilford Rotary Club

P.O. Box 32

Henry Whitfield State Museum

248 Old Whitfield Street

(203) 453-2457

Hyland House

84 Boston Street

P.O. Box 229

(203) 453-9477

Guilford Land Conservation Trust

Guilford Preservation Alliance

The Dudley Farm

2351 Durham Road

(203) 457-0770

Guilford Newcomers Club

Guilford Fund For Education

800 Village Walk, #269



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