Guilford Mass Notification System

Notifications, straight from the town to you
The Guilford Mass Notification System – Community Notification System provides accurate, immediate notifications from the Town of Guilford to your mobile, work or home phone, via text, e-mail or voice message. Receive notifications about things that may affect your home, workplace, parents’ home, or any other locations within the Town of Guilford.

  • Mandatory Town Evacuation Information for hurricanes or other Town-wide evacuations
  • Weather Advisories for you or your family’s home, business, or more
  • Infrastructure Issues including Boil Water Advisories and Road Closures
  • Important Information Sharing

This is a new system. You cannot log into it without creating a new account.

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Your Preferences

  • Locations: You can choose to receive emergency alerts about specific neighborhoods, including around your home, workplace, or your child’s school.
  • Alert types: Choose what kind of alerts you want to receive, from weather to major road closures to water advisories
  • Preferred device: Select how you would like to be notified, and in what order: personal or work cell, email, phone, text message, etc.
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    • Your Alerts

      If you do not confirm receipt of the message on your primary device (your first choice for how you want to be contacted), the system will try your additional contact numbers or emails, in the preference order you specify, until it receives a confirmation from you that you received the message.