Guilford Staff Directory:


Staff Name: Address / Title: Phone Number & Email:

Assessor Town Hall- 31 Park Street
Corapinski, Ed  Assessor 203-453-8010
Bernardo, Jennifer  Assistant Assessor 203-453-8010
Borzillo, Karen  Clerk 203-453-8010
Hammarlund, Barbara  Aide 203-453-8010
 FAX  203-453-8017
Building  Town Hall South- 50 Boston Street
Thody, William                   Building Official, II 203-453-8041
Dudley, Joan  Secretary 203-453-8029
 FAX 203-453-8034
Economic Development/Tourism Town Hall - 31 Park Street
McGlone, Brian Economic Development Coordinator 203-453-8071
Engineering Town Hall South- 50 Boston Street
Portley, James  Town Engineer - Facilities Mgr. 203-453-8037
Damiani, Mark                    Assistant Town Engineer 203-453-8040
Volpe, Allison           Office Manager 203-453-8029
 FAX 203-453-8034
Environmental Planning/Inland Wetlands  Town Hall South- 50 Boston Street
Magee, Kevin  Environmental Planner 203-453-8074
Nazario, Michelle  Administrative Assistant 203-453-8146
 FAX 203-453-8034
Finance  Town Hall- 31 Park Street
Malavasi, Maryjane  Finance Director 203-453-8023
Offredi, Sandy                     Assistant to Finance Director 203-453-8025
Anderson, Carol  Payroll System Coordinator 203-453-8026
Barnes, Patricia  Office Assistant 203-453-8024
Minore, Darlene                   Senior Account Specialist 203-453-8027
 FAX  203-453-8218
Fire  Fire Headquarters-  390 Church Street
Herrschaft, Charles  Fire Chief / Fire Marshal 203-453-8056
                              Assistant Fire Chief 203-453-8056  
Fazzino, Paul                                 Deputy Fire Marshal 203-453-8072
Mathewson, Nancy  Administrative Assistant 203-453-8045
Guadet, Erin Secretary 203-453-8056
 FAX  203-453-8005
Guilford Lakes Golf Course  200 North Madison Road
Tighe, Ted  Golf Course Superintendent 203-453-8217
 FAX 203-453-8214
Health  Town Hall South- 50 Boston Street
Johnson, Dennis                Director of Health 203-453-8036
Archer, Lee                     Sanitarian 203-453-8035
Lindgren, Darka                 Secretary 203-453-8118
Housing Authority 32 Guilford Court 203-453-6262
Housing Authority 41 Boston Terrance 203-453-4760
Human Resources  Town Hall- 31 Park Street
Goldblatt, Mitch  Director of Human Resources 203-453-8075
Berezowskyj, Sally Administrative Assistant 203-453-8220
Information Technology Town Hall- 31 Park Street
Santarcangelo, Tony Information Technology Analyst 203-453-8466
Library   Guilford Free Library- 67 Park Street
Ruoff, Sandy                                 Library Director 203-453-8282
 McCoole, Rob                Assistant Director 203-453-8282
 FAX 203-453-8288
McLennan, Rod  Dockmaster 203-453-8092 none
Parks & Recreation  Community Center- 32 Church Street 
Maynard, Rick                              Park & Rec Director 203-453-8068
Annicelli, Tony Parks Foreman 203-453-8068
Clow, Ellen Recreation Supervisor 203-453-8068
Moore, Bonnie Administrative Assistant 203-453-8068
Keogh, Shawn Program Coordinator  203-453-8068
Patrick, Corey Program Coordinator 203-453-8068
Holland-Buckley, Terry                 Seniors Program Coordinator 203-453-8086
Haggerty, Patricia Program Assistant 203-453-8086
Santamaria, Larry                         Kitchen Supervisor 203-453-8471
 FAX  203-453-8456
 2ND PHONE LINE/FAX 203-453-8406
Planning & Zoning Town Hall South- 50 Boston Street
Kral, George  Town Planner 203-453-8032
Reid, Regina                      Zoning Enforcement Officer - Wetlands 203-453-8031
Brewer, Lisa  Administrative  Assistant 203-453-8039
 FAX 203-453-8034
Police  Police Headquarters-  400 Church Street 
Hutchinson, Jeff                      Police Chief 203-453-8479
                        Deputy Police Chief 203-453-8246  
Krauchick, Lucy                           Administrative Assistant 203-453-8244
 Animal Shelter 203-453-8083
 Dispatch 203-453-8061
 Anonymous Tip Line 203-453-8240
 Records 203-453-8065
 Routine Calls 203-453-8061
 FAX 203-453-8477
Probate Court 8 Meeting House Lane, Madison, CT
Barrett, Peter                      Probate Judge 203-245-5661 none
Dwyer, Cynthia  Clerk 203-245-5661 none
Sturk, Janet  Clerk 203-245-5661 none
Public Works  Public Works Garage-  47 Driveway
Fillion, Tom  Highway Superintendent 203-453-8081
Olsen, Jane  Clerk 203-453-8081
 FAX 203-453-8099
Purchasing  Town Hall- 31 Park Street
Millman, Pamela  Purchasing Agent 203-453-8020
Elliott, Kristen  Administrative Assistant 203-453-8015
Registrar of Voters  Town Hall- 31 Park Street
Graver, Louise Registrar 203-453-8028
Nemczuk, Gloria Registrar 203-453-8028
Selectman's Office  Town Hall- 31 Park Street
Mazza, Joe  First Selectman 203-453-8021
Brinkman, Traci                           Public Information Specialist 203-453-8015
Quercia, Karen                            Administrative Assistant 203-453-8015
 FAX 203-453-8467
Social Services 263  Church Street
DeFrancesco, Tammy  Social Services Director 203-453-8009
Scheltens, Danielle   Program Coordinator 203-453-8009
Fosque, Michelle   Administrative Assistant 203-453-8009
Fax   FAX 203-453-8406
Stump Dump 203-453-8029
Tax Collector  Town Hall- 31 Park Street
Milano, Debi            Tax Collector 203-453-8016
Swan, Deborah Assistant Tax Collector 203-453-8018
Vogt, Maureen Tax Clerk 203-453-8014
 FAX  203-453-8125
Town Clerk  Town Hall- 31 Park Street
Dwyer, Anna Town Clerk 203-453-8001
Young, Elisa Assistant Town Clerk 203-453-8001
Wilson, Paula Assistant Town Clerk 203-453-8001
Town Properties  Town Hall South- 50 Boston Street
Neydorff, Steve  Facilities Engineer 203-453-8487
Camacho, Jose  Maintenance/Custodian 203-453-8487 none
Grant, Larry  Maintenance/Custodian 203-453-8487 none
Rivera, Carlos  Maintenance/Custodian 203-453-8487 none
Rosa, Carlos  Maintenance/Custodian 203-453-8487 none
Transfer Station  1900 Boston Post Road 203-453-8095
Tree Warden  50 Boston Street
Magee, Kevin Tree Warden 203-453-8074
Youth & Family Services 36 Graves Avenue
Landry, Lyne                      Director 203-453-8047
Kosko, Michael Youth Prevention Specialist 203-453-8047
Basel, Andrea LCSW, Clinician 203-453-8047
Regan, Karolin LCSW, Program Director 203-453-8047
Nagy, Tracy                       Administrative Assistant 203-453-8047
Holthausen, Gretchen L.P.C, Clinician 203-453-8047
Voelker, Lauren Student Assistance Counselor 203-453-8047
Zampano, Cathie LCSW, Clinical Director 203-453-8047 zampanoc@ci.guilfo
 FAX  203-453-8047



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