Child Development – Community Policing

Primary Mission of Child Development Community Policing Program (CD-CP): To break the cycle of violence and to help heal the emotional wounds that chronic exposure to violence inflicts on children, families, and communities.

The Child Development Community Policing Program is a national model collaboration between law enforcement, juvenile justice and mental health professionals on behalf of children and families exposed to violence in their communities. CD-CP of Guilford is a collaborative effort with the Guilford Police Department and Guilford Youth & Family Services which provides opportunities to better understand the relationship between a child’s exposure to violence and traumatic stress symptoms as well as to develop prompt and effective ways to assist children and families exposed to violence.

Whether at home or in school, too many children are witnessing or experiencing violence that leaves them psychologically scarred. These wounds if left untreated, place a child at greater risk for symptoms of anxiety, depression, and a tendency toward criminal behavior of their own.

“There are times when a trauma renders family members unable to help themselves, when normal capacities are out of commission. These times of acute crisis are opportunities for service providers to help children regain some degree of psychological order, to provide safety and security, and to ensure that child development is supported not derailed.” – Dr. Steven Marans ~ Harris Associate Professor of Child Psychoanalysis, Director of Trauma Studies, Yale Child Study Center.


  • Recognizing a child’s many different reactions can be the most important beginning to helping a child recover.
  • For some children, going over the events with adults they trust can help them feel less alone. Giving them time to talk about their questions and concerns can be very helpful.
  • If you think a child you know is having difficulties or you have questions, there is a place to turn for help.


  • Help you think about how a child is coping and how to assist them.
  • Provide evaluations.
  • Offer referral sources.
  • Respond to emergencies 24 hours a day.

For more information about the CD-CP Program or to speak with a clinician please contact the Guilford Police Department, 453-8061 or Guilford Youth & Family Services, 453-8047. Services provided by the CD-CP Program are confidential.