Building Permit:

Building Permit Application (Please also fill out the Authorization to Act as Agent Form or submit a copy of the signed contract and attach with permit application)
How to Calculate a Building Permit
Building Permit Process – Solar Array- Application Approval Process
Building Permit Process – Solar Array – Solar Permit Conditions

The Town requires these documents at the Time of Application:

Valid State License
Liability Insurance

Also if Applicable:

Zoning Permit Application 

Flood Permit Process_

Flood Hazard Application fillable

Health Department B100 Application

Any of the following projects will require a Health Dept. B100 Review. Please submit your completed application with a check made payable to The Town of Guilford or cash for the amount of $50.00 to the Health Department.

  • Building Conversions/Change in use.
  • Building Addition (Additional Living Space, Decks, Porches, Additional Bedrooms)
  • Attached or Detached Garages
  • Accessory Structure (Shed, Barn, Storage unit, Gazebo, Pavilion, Portico, Pool house)
  • Above and Inground Swimming Pool
  • Lot Line Revision

Building Plans
Plot Plan or A2 Survey
Septic System As-Built
Well Location

Please understand that we cannot accept incomplete Building Permit Applications.

Thank You