Guilford 2017 Holiday Basket Program Needs a Temporary Home for this Upcoming Season

The Guilford Social Services, Guilford Food Bank & the VFW needs a temporary home for its 2017 Holiday Basket Program. Due to the reconstruction of the Guilford VFW Hall which will be breaking ground in October.
 The space needed to house the program should be anywhere from
1000 to 1500 square feet, (but we know beggars cannot be choosers)
 The Thanksgiving basket set up and distribution is from Nov 17th through Nov 21st.
 The Christmas basket set up and distribution will be Dec 17th to Dec 19 or 20th.
 Overstock food items and tables would need to be housed there, from the end
of the Thanksgiving program to the Christmas program.
 After Christmas event, the space would be cleared completely.
 Having refrigeration already there would be extremely helpful, but not necessary,
if you can allow us to bring in temporary refrigeration.
 There needs to be driveway access for folks to drive in to the area, be given their baskets, then leave.
Any Space or ideas you would like to offer, please call
Tammy DeFrancesco @ Guilford Social Services 203-453-8009 or Larry Santamaria @ VFW (203) 535-6640

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