Governor’s Latest Executive Order on Travel -12-19-20

The Governor’s latest Executive Order states “anyone traveling into Connecticut from a state or territory, other than New York, New Jersey, or Rhode Island, or from a country other than the United States, is directed to self-quarantine for a 10-day period from the time of last contact within the identified state or country.”

The following information is from the Governor’s daily briefing on December 18, 2020.Effective at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, December 19, 2020, the revised Connecticut COVID-19 Travel Advisory will:

• Apply to all travelers – both foreign and domestic – entering Connecticut from any location, except for the neighboring states of New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island; and

• Require all affected travelers to complete the Connecticut Travel Health Form and self-quarantine for a period of 10 days or until a negative COVID-19 test result. There will be three exemptions from the requirement to self-quarantine:

• Testing alternative exemption: Applicable to any affected traveler who has had a negative test for COVID-19 in the 72 hours prior to their arrival in Connecticut, or subsequent to their arrival in Connecticut, and had submitted such negative test result to the Commissioner of the Department of Public Health. This can be either a PCR test or a rapid antigen test.

• Essential worker exemption: Applicable to essential workers traveling for work-related purposes.

• Tested positive for COVID-19 exemption: Applicable to an affected traveler who has tested positive for COVID-19 within 90 days prior to his or her arrival in Connecticut and has clinically recovered, or has not been symptomatic for a period of 10 days since symptom onset or such positive test if not symptomatic, and has submitted such test result to the Commissioner of the Department of Public Health.

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