Eversource Heating Assistance Information

Get Help with Your Heating Bills

With the heating season upon us, the Town of Guilford is partnering with Eversource on the first Heating Assistance Awareness Month to raise awareness of the many programs available to help pay or lower your heating bill.

If you or someone you know is struggling to keep up with energy bills, now is the time to connect with Eversource to get assistance. To find the right options for you, call 800-286-2828 or visit <Stay Warm> (http://www.eversource.com/billhelp).

There is a plan for everyone, including:

State and Federal Assistance Plans

  • Renters can receive assistance for past due electric bills and rent through UniteCT.

Protection Plans

Payment Plans

Energy Efficiency Plans

Please help us raise awareness by sharing this important information with friends, neighbors, and family.  Let’s help keep every home in (insert community) warm this winter.

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