Driftwood Lane Paving Update

The following is the completion schedule for the repaving of Driftwood Lane:

1.) The old deteriorating catch basin tops will be replaced starting on Tuesday, August 1st.

2.) Those sections of road not disturbed by the water main replacement will be milled on August 3rd and 4th. (Milling is the process of grinding the surface of the existing pavement.)

3.) The existing curbing in the section of road disturbed by the water main construction will be removed starting August 4th, in preparation for the pulverization and regrading of the pavement in this area, which will occur the week of August 7th.

4.) The repaving and installation of new curbing to replace that removed is scheduled for the week of August 14th. Inclement weather may impact this schedule, but should not alter it appreciably. Thank you for your patience. Please contact Town Engineer Jim Portley at 203-453-8037 with any questions.

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