Youth and Family Services Board

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Name Term Phone Address
Pam Murtagh 09/04/2018 to 09/30/2022 (203) 453-6052 51 Surrey Lane
Lorri Hahn 09/21/2020 to 09/30/2024 (203) 430-8591 211 Whitethorn Drive
Eve Ostrowski 09/21/2020 to 09/30/2024 (203) 453-5095 172 Briarwood Drive
Margot Burkle 09/04/2018 to 09/30/2022 (203) 966-8088 59 Water Street
Steve Renchy 09/04/2018 to 09/30/2022 (203) 458-0523 3 Partridge Lane
Lisa Kops 09/04/2018 to 09/30/2022 (203) 453-1472 162 Sconset Lane
Jennifer Carlson 09/21/2020 to0 9/30/2024 (203) 453-6420 167 Old Sachems Head Rd
Vacancy 09/04/2018 to 09/30/2022 (203) 457-0506 137 Weatherly Trail
Suzanne Carlson 09/21/2020 to 09/30/2024 (203) 453-6170 16 Dunham Drive
Patrick Paoletti (alt) 11/02/2020 to 09/30/2022 (603) 969-4058 646 Tanner Marsh Road
Jennifer Murphy (alt) 12/16/2019 to 09/30/2022 (203) 458-8711 1515 Durham Road
Scott Gingras (PD liaison) (203) 453-8061 400 Church Street
Maureen Spinnato (BOE liaison) (203) 453-2755 233 Church Street
Dawn Callahan (Business liaison) (203) 453-2721 P.O. Box 369, One Park Street
Cathie Zampano (Clinical Director) (203) 453-8047 36 Graves Avenue
Lyne Landry, Director(GY&FS liaison) (203) 453-8047 36 Graves Avenue

ESTABLISHED: Adopted by the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Guilford 8-02-2004.

CHARGE/DUTIES: The purpose of the Guilford Youth and Family Services Board is to develop and provide proactive prevention, education, clinical services and treatment programs for Guilford youth and their families. The Guilford Youth and Family Services Board interacts and coordinates with other agencies serving the Guilford community in making every effort to avoid duplication in services.

ELECTED/APPOINTED: Appointed by the Board of Selectmen.

MEMBERSHIP: Appointed by the Board of Selectmen. The Board shall consist of nine regular members and two alternate members, who must be registered voters and residents of the Town and who shall serve without compensation, except as to those necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their duties.

The Board may, at its discretion, appoint up to four liaisons who will be representative of local municipal, educational and civic entities from within the Town of Guilford, including but not limited to the school system, Police Department, business community, private youth service agencies, and/or the civic youth groups of Guilford. Liaisons may participate in all meetings, programs and activities, at the discretion of the Board, but shall not hold the same voting or participation rights as regular or alternate members of the Guilford Youth and Family Services Board. All appointed liaisons shall serve at the discretion of the Board without specific terms of office.

LENGTH OF TERM: Four-year terms.

MEETING DATE/TIME/PLACE: The Youth & Family Services Board meets the second Monday of every month, 6 p.m., the Palmer House on Graves Avenue.

EXPERIENCE AND/OR INTEREST NECESSARY/PREFERRED TO BE A MEMBER: Members should have experience and/or an interest in the social services field primarily dealing with youth.