Human Services Council

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Name Appointed Phone Address
Catherine O'Keefe 10/05/1998 (203) 453-3598 50 Nut Plains Road West
Liza Petra 07/16/2012 (203) 453-5051 44 Old Quarry Road
Paula Baraket 09/04/2013 (203) 458-2007 40 Thankful Stow Road
Pamela Ellman (Chair) 07/16/2012 (203) 689-5193 120 Pine Grove Road
Terry Bergantino 06/06/2005 (203) 710-7718. 351 North River Street
Amy Earls 4/16/2018 (203) 453-5276 25 Mafre Drive
Chris Ruser 10/02/2006 (203) 458-2792 21 Foxwood Road South
Nora Frado 11/03/2003 (203) 458-0930 439 Whitfield Street
Claire Kinkade Dunn 08/18/2014 (203) 444-4645 895 Maple Hill Road

Application for Town Funds FY 2020-2021 (pdf format)/(word format)
For human service agencies that provide services to Guilford residents.

Directory of Human and Social Services Available to Guilford Residents

ESTABLISHED: Established by resolution adopted by the Board of Selectmen October 20, 1975. Originally referred to as Health Council. By-laws of Guilford Human Services Council adopted October 26, 1976.

CHARGE/DUTIES: The Human Services Council is charged with promoting, coordinating and evaluating human services needs in Guilford and to advise the Board of Selectmen of identified community needs and recommend appropriate ways of meeting them.

ELECTED/APPOINTED: Appointed by the Board of Selectmen.

MEETING DATE/TIME/PLACE: For schedule contact Chair Pamela Ellman at (203) 689-5193

EXPERIENCE AND/OR INTEREST NECESSARY/PREFERRED TO BE A MEMBER: Members should be interested in the Human service needs of the community. Experience working or volunteering in the social services field and/or experience in reading and understanding budgets is helpful.