Harbor Management Commission

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Name Term Phone Address
Chris Tietjen 08/06/2018 to 07/31/2022 (203) 458-7000 18 Meriden Street
John Thommen (Chair) 07/05/2016 to 07/31/2020 (203) 457-1800 70 Pond View Circle
Keith Harvey 07/05/2017 to 07/31/2021 (203) 458-0283 321 East River Road
Peter Beauvais 12/16/2019 to 07/31/2020 (203) 747-1263 62 Williams Drive
K.J. Lee 08/06/2018 to 07/31/2022 (203) 458-1665 219 Uncas Point Road
Bonnie Burns (alt) 12/16/2019 to 07/31/2022 (203) 453-4694 377 Jefferson Drive
Joseph Anastasio (alt) 12/16/2019 to 07/31/2022 (203) 458-2015 260 Old Sachems Head Road

Harbor Management Plan and Drawings

New Mooring Application Process
All private moorings, including pole and pulley arrangement, in Guilford waters require a mooring permit issued by the State’s appointed Harbor Master for Guilford.  The permit application may be completed and paid for online at the following website: http://permits.onlinemooring.com/GuilfordCt/home.aspx

If preferred, you can download and complete the mooring application form.  The form is also available at Town Hall on the desk outside the Town Clerk’s office. Mail the completed form to: Harbor Management Commission, 31 Park Street, Guilford, CT.  Include a check for $25 made out to the “Town of Guilford.”  After receipt of payment and approval by the Commission, the Harbor Master will review an application and send notification of approval or denial.  Permits are not transferable and expire on December 31 of the year issued.  Renewal notices will be sent to permit holders in early spring.  If you need assistance completing a permit application contact the Harbor Master: Fred Brisbois, 203-605-7747 or email guilfordharbormaster@comcast.net

ESTABLISHED: Established by ordinance adopted by Board of Selectmen June 4, 1984.

CHARGE/DUTIES: The Harbor Management Commission is charged with the duty and purpose of developing a Harbor and Waterways Management Plan for Guilford.

ELECTED/APPOINTED: Appointed by the Board of Selectmen.

MEMBERSHIP: Five regular members and two alternate members. Members should be representative of all groups interested in the management and protection of all harbors and coastal waterways in Guilford, including Marina Commission, Shellfish Commission, Parks and Recreation Commission, Inland Wetlands Commission and the public. No regular subcommittees.

LENGTH OF TERM: Four-year term.

MEETING DATE/TIME/PLACE: Regular meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. at the Guilford Fire Department Headquarters.

EXPERIENCE AND/OR INTEREST NECESSARY/PREFERRED TO BE A MEMBER: Members should have some knowledge and/or experience regarding harbors, marinas, docks, moorings, and/or erosion.