Building Code Board of Appeals

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Name Term Phone Address
Charles Alberico (R) 06/01/2015 to 10/15/2017 (203) 453-4143 4144 Durham Road
Russell Campaigne (D) 02/10/2010 to 10/15/2020 (203) 453-1224 131 Boston Street
Bernie Lombardi (R) 12/05/2016 to 10/15/2018 (203) 453-0401 70 Reeves Avenue
Vacancy (R) 09/04/2018 to 10/15/2022
Gary M. Tierney (D) 04/15/2002 to 10/15/2005 (203) 453-4800 188 Lovers Lane

ESTABLISHED: Established by Section 29-266 of Connecticut General Statutes.

CHARGE/DUTIES: The Building Code Board of Appeals is charged with hearing appeals regarding decisions made by the Building Official.

ELECTED/APPOINTED: Appointed by the Board of Selectmen upon recommendation of the Town Committee.

MEMBERSHIP: Five regular members. Two alternate members.

LENGTH OF TERM: Four-year terms.

MEETING DATE/TIME/PLACE: Meets as necessary when an appeal is filed.
EXPERIENCE AND/OR INTEREST NECESSARY/PREFERRED TO BE A MEMBER: As per BOCA Sec. 124.2.1 members must be licensed engineers, architects or builders with 10 years experience with not more than two regular members from the same profession.