2015 Plan of Conservation and Development Update Information:


The Guilford Planning and Zoning Commission has begun a process to update the Plan of Conservation and Development 2002. The purpose and function of this plan is to "provide land use guidance for all agencies of the Town so that they may operate in a coordinated manner under a common set of Policies." According to Connecticut law Towns must update their plans at least every 10 years. Guilford's current Plan, adopted in 2002, has been updated continuously since its creation with a series of supplementary plans which address special subjects and issues.


Planning Process and Current Reports


November 2009 - Department Head, Board, and Commission Survey: Committee Reports

November 2009 - Planning Strategies for Guilford, report summary of interactive public meeting held September 30, 2009

Workshop 1, February 22, 2010: What do we want to preserve and protect?

Workshop 2, March 31, 2010: How do we want to guide growth?

Workshop 3, April 29, 2010: What kinds of services do we want or need?

June 2010 - Draft Progress Report

June 2011 -Online Survey Results Draft Compilation

Summer 2011 to Current - Develop draft document


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Expected November 2014 - Draft Document Released

Expected Early Spring 2015 - Public Hearing

Expected Late Spring 2015 - Document Adopted


PCDC Minutes


PCD Steering Committee


POCD 2015 Overarching Goals
1. Preserve Guilford's Character, Culture and Scenic Values
2. Conserve Our Lands, Waters, and Natural Areas
3. Promote Compatible and Sustainable Economic Development
4. Encourage Development of a Diverse Housing Supply for Households with a Broad Range of Incomes, Family Size and Ages
5. Provide Community Facilities for Education, Recreation and Emergency Services
6. Provide safe and efficient and compatible transportation infrastructure
7. Provide appropriate and compatible utilities and infrastructure to support Guilford's population
8. Encourage participation in cooperative efforts to promote health and welfare of the South Central CT Region
9. Making it Happen - Action Strategies and Responsibilities



Executive Summary 2002 POCD Action Item Status Report PCD Press Release
PCD Compendium of Documents PCDC Report Letter 04-01-09 PCDC Public Workshops



  • The South Central Connecticut Regional Council of Governments (SCRCOG) brings together local governments to coordinate land use and transportation planning. They have a Regional Plan of Conservation & Development which can be found on their website: http://www.scrcog.org/the_rpc.htm


If you would like to share a comment or idea please send it to planning.zoning@ci.guilford.ct.us

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