Housing Partnership:

Rod Perkins 10/05/1998 453-2721 1 Park Street
Harvey Edelstein 11/06/1998 458-3535 34 Harbor View Road
Preston Maynard 12/02/1998 458-0344 49 South Fair Street
Elizabeth Augustyn (Chair) 10/20/1997 453-1994 207 Boston Street
Neil Brockwell 10/20/1997 453-1265 437 Three Corners Road
Bill White (SARAH) 03/15/1999   71 Whitfield Street
Claudia Melilo (alt) 11/07/1994 453-8702 219 State Street
Whitey Thomsen 10/21/1996 453-9504 143 Whitfield Street
Vacancy 10/19/1998    
Bernie Lombardi 03/20/2000 453-6270 301 Chaffinch Island Road
Betsey Sterzel 11/07/1998 458-6947 132 Three Mile Course
Gwen Gunn 12/15/1997 453-2036 395 Nut Plains Road
Vacancy 08/05/2002    


ESTABLISHED:  Established and appointed by a resolution adopted by the Board of Selectmen on 04/24/89.  The Board of Selectmen increased members from 7 to 11 on 10/16/89.  Two alternates established by ordinance on 9/7/94.  Members are to include one representative each from Planning and Zoning Commission, Inland Wetlands Commission, Housing Authority, Chamber of Commerce and Interfaith Housing.  The balance of six regular and two alternate members are appointed at large.


CHARGE/DUTIES:  The Housing Partnership is an umbrella organization that facilitates the efforts of other housing groups in the community.  The Partnership sponsors, generates and encourages affordable housing developed by other groups and individuals, acting also as a resource group for all types of financing.  Projects supported to date include Mutual Housing and Guilford Interfaith Housing Corporation units.


MEETING DATE/TIME/PLACE:  The Housing Partnership meets the fourth Thursday of every month at 5 p.m., in the Nathanael B. Greene Community Center.

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