Guilford Staff Directory

Staff Name Address / Title Phone / Fax
Assessor Town Hall - 31 Park Street 203-453-8017 (Fax)
Bernardo, Jennifer Assessor 203-453-8010 (Phone)
Hammarlund, Barbara Assistant Assessor 203-453-8010 (Phone)
Borzillo, Karen Clerk 203-453-8010 (Phone)
Ash, Jennifer Assessment Aide 203-453-8010 (Phone)
Building Town Hall South- 50 Boston Street 203-453-8034 (Fax)
Norman-Rosedam, Kimberly Building Official 203-453-8038 (Phone)
Simone, Michele Administrative Assistant 203-453-8029 (Phone)
Economic Development/Tourism Town Hall - 31 Park Street (None)
Cote, Sheri Economic Development Director for Guilford and Madison 203-453-8071 (Phone)
Engineering Town Hall South - 50 Boston Street 203-453-8034 (Fax)
Plaziak, Janice Town Engineer 203-453-8037 (Phone)
Ciacciarella, Michael Assistant Town Engineer 203-453-8040 (Phone)
Hok, Somara Administrative Assistant 203-453-8029 (Phone)
Environmental Planning/Inland Wetlands Town Hall South- 50 Boston Street 203-453-8034 (Fax)
Magee, Kevin Environmental Planner 203-453-8074 (Phone)
Nazario, Michelle Administrative Assistant 203-453-8146 (Phone)
Finance Town Hall- 31 Park Street 203-453-8218 (Fax)
Malavasi, Maryjane Finance Director 203-453-8023 (Phone)
Offredi, Sandy Assistant to Finance Director 203-453-8025 (Phone)
Minore, Darlene Senior Account Specialist 203-453-8027 (Phone)
Kendall, Diane Office Assistant 203-453-8024 (Phone)
Seeley, Steven Payroll System Coordinator 203-453-8026 (Phone)
Fire Fire Headquarters- 390 Church Street 203-453-8005 (Fax)
Herrschaft, Charles Fire Chief / Fire Marshal 203-453-8056 (Phone)
Guadet, Erin Executive Assistant 203-453-8056 (Phone)
King, Katherine Administrative Assistant 203-453-8056 (Phone)
Guilford Lakes Golf Course 200 North Madison Road 203-453-8214 (Fax)
Tighe, Ted Golf Course Superintendent 203-453-8217 (Phone)
Health Town Hall South- 50 Boston Street (None)
Marino, Sonia Director of Health 203-453-8036 (Phone)
Mickens, Shirley Sanitarian 203-453-8035 (Phone)
Lindgren, Darka Administrative Assistant 203-453-8118 (Phone)
Housing Authority 32 Guilford Court 203-453-6262 (Fax)
Housing Authority 41 Boston Terrance 203-453-4760 (Fax)
Human Resources Town Hall- 31 Park Street (None)
Goldblatt, Mitch Director of Human Resources 203-453-8075 (Phone)
Russo, Jessica Administrative Assistant 203-453-8220 (Phone)
Information Technology Town Hall- 31 Park Street (None)
Santarcangelo, Tony Information Technology Analyst 203-453-8466 (Phone)
Orton, Jeremy Information Technology System Administrator 203-453-8466 (Phone)
Library Guilford Free Library- 67 Park Street 203-453-8288 (Fax)
McCoole, Rob Director 203-453-8282 (Phone)
Carnevale, Angelina Associate Librarian 203-453-8282 (Phone)
Marina (None)
McLennan, Rod Dockmaster 203-453-8092 (Phone)
Parks & Recreation Community Center- 32 Church Street (None)
2ND PHONE LINE/FAX 203-453-8406 (Phone)
Maynard, Rick Park & Rec Director 203-453-8068 (Phone)
Annicelli, Tony Parks Foreman 203-453-8068 (Phone)
Clow, Ellen Recreation Supervisor 203-453-8068 (Phone)
Knight, Jennifer Administrative Assistant 203-453-8068 (Phone)
Negri, Connor Recreation Seniors Program Coordinator 203-453-8068 (Phone)
Erb, Taryn Recreation Program Coordinator 203-453-8068 (Phone)
Holland-Buckley, Terry Seniors Program Coordinator 203-453-8086 (Phone)
Haggerty, Patricia Program Assistant 203-453-8086 (Phone)
Santamaria, Larry Kitchen Supervisor 203-453-8471 (Phone)
Planning & Zoning Town Hall South- 50 Boston Street 203-453-8034 (Fax)
Kral, George Town Planner 203-453-8032 (Phone)
Erin Mannix Zoning Enforcement Officer 203-453-8031 (Phone)
Piombino, Lisa Administrative Assistant 203-453-8039 (Phone)
Police Police Headquarters- 400 Church Street 203-453-8477 (Fax)
Hyatt, Butch Police Chief 203-453-8246 (Phone)
Massey, Christopher Deputy Police Chief (Phone)
Krauchick, Lucy Executive Assistant 203-453-8244 (Phone)
Borelli, Danielle Municipal Animal Control Officer 203-453-8083 (Phone)
Dispatch - 24 Hour Staffing 203-453-8061 (Phone)
Weady, Kelly Municipal Animal Control Officer 203-453-8083 (Phone)
Anonymous Tip Line 203-453-8240 (Phone)
Records 203-453-8065 (Phone)
Routine Calls - 24 Hour Staffing 203-453-8061 (Phone)
Probate Court 8 Meeting House Lane, Madison, CT (None)
Barrett, Peter Probate Judge 203-245-5661 (Phone)
Parzych, Karen Chief Clerk 203-245-5661 (Phone)
Greer, Priscilla Clerk 203-245-5661 (Phone)
Lena, Chris Assistant Clerk 203-245-5661 (Phone)
Public Works Public Works Garage- 47 Driveway 203-453-8099 (Fax)
Fillion, Tom Public Works Director 203-453-8081 (Phone)
Olsen, Jane Clerk 203-453-8081 (Phone)
Purchasing Town Hall- 31 Park Street (None)
Barrett, Peter Town Attorney 203-453-8020 (Phone)
Zoccano, Shelby Administrative Assistant 203-453-8015 (Phone)
Registrar of Voters Town Hall- 31 Park Street (None)
Nemczuk, Gloria Registrar 203-453-8028 (Phone)
Kops, Lisa Registrar 203-453-8028 (Phone)
Selectman's Office Town Hall- 31 Park Street 203-453-8467 (Fax)
Hoey, Matthew First Selectman 203-453-8021 (Phone)
Quercia, Karen Executive Assistant 203-453-8015 (Phone)
Brinkman, Traci Public Information Specialist 203-453-8015 (Phone)
Social Services 263 Church Street 203-453-8406 (Fax)
DeFrancesco, Tammy Social Services Director 203-453-8009 (Phone)
Negron, Cassandra Program Coordinator 203-453-8009 (Phone)
Jones, Kristin Administrative Assistant 203-453-8009 (Phone)
Lendroth, Debra Administrative Assistant 203-453-8009 (Phone)
Stump Dump 203-453-8029 (Fax)
Tax Collector Town Hall- 31 Park Street 203-453-8125 (Fax)
Milano, Debi Tax Collector 203-453-8016 (Phone)
Thomas, Heather Assistant Tax Collector 203-453-8014 (Phone)
Matyasovsky, Nancy Tax Clerk 203-453-8015 (Phone)
Town Clerk Town Hall- 31 Park Street (None)
Dwyer, Anna Town Clerk 203-453-8002 (Phone)
Carle, Scott Assistant Town Clerk 203-453-8003 (Phone)
Hartmann, Kate Assistant Town Clerk 203-453-8001 (Phone)
Town Properties Town Hall South- 50 Boston Street (None)
Neydorff, Steve Facilities Engineer 203-453-8487 (Phone)
Iovine, Giacomo Assistant Facilities Coordinator (Phone)
Rivera, Carlos Maintenance/Custodian 203-453-8487 (Phone)
Rosa, Carlos Maintenance/Custodian 203-453-8487 (Phone)
Padilla, Jonathan Maintenance Custodian 203-453-8487 (Phone)
Transfer Station 1900 Boston Post Road 203-453-8095 (Fax)
Tree Warden 50 Boston Street (None)
Magee, Kevin Tree Warden 203-453-8074 (Phone)
Youth & Family Services 36 Graves Avenue 203-453-8047 (Fax)
Landry, Lyne Director 203-453-8047 (Phone)
Kosko, Michael Youth Prevention Specialist 203-453-8047 (Phone)
Basel, Andrea Clinician 203-453-8047 (Phone)
Regan, Karolin Program Director 203-453-8047 (Phone)
Nagy, Tracy Administrative Assistant 203-453-8047 (Phone)
Tobin, Pamela Clinician 203-453-8047 (Phone)
Voelker, Lauren Student Assistance Counselor 203-453-8047 (Phone)
Zampano, Cathie Clinical Director 203-453-8047 (Phone)